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LOUISII and/or BETTERII skills development training :


DURATION: 20 hours of instructor guided training delivered onsite or via the Web

PREREQUISITE: Attendees should have a basic understanding of data processing programming concepts and have mastered programming basic LOUISII techniques. Attendees should also have experience programming in third-generation (COBOL, C, etc.) and/or fourth-generation (ORACLE, SQL, etc.) language. Students should be familiar with a BULL text editor and file naming conventions.

OBJECTIVES: Expose the student to the advanced concepts of LOUISII and/or BETTERII. This is accomplished through lecture and workshops.

  • Modifying and customizing Q-Refs for clients and self. Includes explanation of privileged commands.
  • Installation of database pointers (hard and soft keys) to efficiently navigate through an IDS-II database without jeopardizing the database integrity.
  • Processing LOUISII recap files.
  • Accepting arguments (user supplied values) into LOUISII queries by integrating CRUN commands with LOUISII commands.
  • Building menu driven queries by incorporating TEX with LOUISII.
  • Processing multiple record types within a sequential file.
  • Simulating IF-THEN-ELSE logic in LOUISII queries.
  • Using LOUISII as a file update.
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